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CREATIVE and detailed orientation towards fashion !! I have a passion for creative innovative designs .Be it for art or costume . Having knowledge of pattern making and garment construction helps me have a strong understanding of the "look" at hand .I posses a keen intuition for discerning fashion trends and excel at interpreting creative director's brief . My adeptness at creating mood boards enables me to effectively articulate the vision that clients and agencies aim to convey to the audience . 


“I’ve been working with Chantelle Burger on a regular basis for more than 10 years. In that time she’s been employed as a set decorator, props master and on occasion as my art director.

I have found her to be a very resourceful, creative and dedicated technician that comes with an array of varied skills not often to be found in one person. She has an excellent eye for detail and style and has the ability to follow any brief and execute it effortlessly and make it her own. Her on-set skills are astonishing as she never loses concentration and her stamina is unbelievable.

She also has costume design skills, is a very good artist and has a general technical knowledge that always comes in handy. She is very good with people, has tremendous insight into human behavior and therefore always deals with any crisis in a professional, hands-on way. She has no problem with authority and always sees every project through to the last detail before walking away from it, which makes her a very reliable and responsible person.

Her unwavering talent, loyalty and effortless dedication to a wide spectrum of aesthetics, and her general knowledge of art department requirements make her an asset to any project. She is by far the best set decorator I’ve ever worked with.”

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